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i am Emre,

I am currently studying Internet of Things - Digital Product Design & Development at the university of applied sciences in Schwäbisch Gmünd.

Working with new technologies, solving problems and devising future concepts is what I like.
I see my skills in prototyping, design thinking and user experience design.

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Projects which are tackled at the university - are often thought of as MVP's. Accordingly, UX & UI is an important part as well as programming and prototyping.
I love to work on future UI UX technologies & concepts, shaping the future of interactive systems.


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Since I already knew in which direction I wanted to go, my training was already as a media technologist. However, digital was not the main focus, which is why I started studying the Internet of Things.

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I'm currently studying Internet of Things - Digital Product Design & Development.

Get in touch with me via Email and let me know how i can help.